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Technical Reports

Oleson, K. W., D. M. Lawrence, G. B. Bonan, M. G. Flanner, E. Kluzek, P. J. Lawrence, S. Levis, S. C. Swenson, P. Thornton, A. Dai, M. Decker, R. Dickinson, J. Feddema, C. L. Heald, F. Hoffman, J.-F. Lamarque, N. Mahowald, G.-Y. Niu, T. Qian, J. Randerson, S. Running, K. Sakaguchi, A. Slater, R. Stöckli, A. Wang, Z.-L. Yang, X. Zeng, and X. Zeng (2010), Technical description of version 4.0 of the community land model (clm), NCAR Technical Note NCAR/TN-478+STR, NCAR. [PDF]

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Book Chapters

Seneviratne, S. I., and R. Stöckli (2007), The role of land-atmosphere interactions for climate variability in europe, in Climate Variability and Extremes during the Past 100 Years, Advances in Global Change Research, vol. 33, edited by S. Brönnimann, J. Luterbacher, T. Ewen, H. Diaz, R. Stolarski, and U. Neu, p. 364pp, Springer. [PDF]

Book Illustrations

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Diplomas and Theses

Stöckli R. (2004). Modeling and observations of seasonal land-surface heat and water exchanges at local and catchment scales over Europe. Doctoral thesis (ETH No. 15742), ETH Zurich, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, Switzerland. [PDF] [Thesis Cover]

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Stöckli R. (1998). Messungen an PSI- und Nafion-Membranen zur Bestimmung des Methanol-Diffusionskoeffizienten. Term project at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland. Only available in German [PDF]

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Stöckli R. (1991). Synthetic Speech Production with my Microcomputer System. Project at the 1991 Asea Brown Boweri (ABB)  Youth Workshop on electrotechnics and informatics. Only available in German [PDF]