Since 1998 Blue Marble Research has been subcontracting with and was employed at the following companies:

Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss

MeteoSwiss is the national provider of excellent weather and climate services for Switzerland. I have been satellite climatologist during 2008-2015 and team leader in the climate division since then.


NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), Greenbelt MD, USA

GSFC manages many of the space agency’s Earth observation, astronomy, and space physics missions.  I have been associated with GSFC during the time period 1998-2010.


Universities Space Research Association (USRA), Columbia MD, USA 

USRA provides students with the opportunity to work at NASA. I’ve worked for USRA during my practical internship at NASA/GSFC during 1998, by carrying out scientific work in Dr. Fritz Hasler’s Laboratory for Atmospheres (NASA/GSFC Code 912).


Science Systems and Applications Inc. (SSAI), Lanham MD, USA

SSAI has been a leading provider of scientific, technical, and research support services, primarily to Federal science agencies like NASA. SSAI served as subcontracting agency for my ongoing collaboration with the NASA Earth Observatory team (NASA/GSFC Code 913).


Sigma Space Corporation, Lanham MD, USA

Sigma offers excellence in aerospace technology to its customers by use of integrated solutions – from requirements definition and design concept, to product development, integration and testing. Sigma Space served as subcontracting agency for my ongoing collaboration with the NASA Earth Observatory team (NASA/GSFC Code 913).


Paneco, Stiftung für nachhaltige Entwicklung und interkulturellen Austausch Berg am Irchel, Switzerland

PanEco is an international non-profit foundation with headquarters in Switzerland. Their work focuses on nature conservation and environmental education in Indonesia and Switzerland. Blue Marble Research created satellite-based climatological analyses of deforestation and climate change over northern Sumatra (Indonesia) for Paneco.


Zoo, Zürich, Switzerland

The Zoo Zürich is one of the most impressive zoos in Switzerland and includes a tropical greenhouse replicating a rainforest in the Masoala national park of Madagascar. Blue Marble Research created satellite-based land-use change time series for an exhibition on primates for the Zoo in Zurich.