“The Blue Marble is a famous photograph of the Earth taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft at a distance of about 29,000 kilometers. The Blue Marble also has been applied by NASA to a series of satellite-derived datasets covering the entire globe at relatively high resolution.”  (Citation modified after Wikipedia)

Blue Marble Research is the inventor of NASA’s famous Blue Marble datasets.

Blue Marble Research cares about people, their motivation and their love for life.

Blue Marble Research supports a sustainable planet through environmentally concious acting.


We have moved our X-Plane Home Cockpit code repository from sourceforge to github. And it has a new name: xpcockpit. It consists of four components: XPServer, the X-Plane Plugin acting as a dataref provider to external clients XPClient, a sample client to try out our famous dataref subscription method XPUSB, the interface to USB-driven H/W …

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Crypto Currencies kill our Planet

According to this article here the global production of crypto currencies consumes the same amount of electrical energy as entire Switzerland does.  This is around 60 Terawatthours per year. This, dear friends of modern economy, is just about the silliest and weirdest thing that happens on our planet. We are talking about energy efficiency, decarbonization, …

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Lufthansa follows the 737 Reconstruction

The Lufthansa Company Archive became aware that I am reconstructing the Cockpit of their D-ABXA “Giessen” Boeing 737-330. Lufthansa was the first owner of the aircraft, starting in 1986 and flew it until 2001. They decided to publish a short Whatapp Story …   The funny part of the story is that I was not …

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Or maybe a Space Shuttle Launch Simulator …

Karl was kind enough to help me to turn the cockpit. I need to get access to the lower floor parts in order to fit the mechanics and to make it rain proof (although the latter will give me some continuing headaches to solve). Two winches, some tools, some rough size, mass and force estimates …

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