“The Blue Marble is a famous photograph of the Earth taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft at a distance of about 29,000 kilometers. The Blue Marble also has been applied by NASA to a series of satellite-derived datasets covering the entire globe at relatively high resolution.”  (Citation modified after Wikipedia)

Blue Marble Research is the inventor of NASA’s famous Blue Marble datasets.

Blue Marble Research cares about people, their motivation and their love for life.

Blue Marble Research supports a sustainable planet through environmentally concious acting.

Flight Simulator 1.0

Not many words needed. I’m happy to show you some pictures of my first flight yesterday on 26 March 2024 with the newly rebuilt Flight Simulator Home Cockpit, now featuring a second flight management computer and the newly built aft overhead panel, and, and, and … also many thanks for the VACC (VATSIM Controllers in …

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Back to Step 1

After having almost completely mounted the Sim in a newly built wooden house including a curved 210 degree screen and three projectors, a small metal part of the mechanical rudder pedals broke. Since the B737 sim is mounted in a real cockpit enclosure, there is no way to access the rudder pedal from the front. …

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Project Winedigger

The whole thing has actually started in 2007 at my bachelor’s party with friends when we buried three rather expensive bottles for 10 years about 1 m deep in a forest in central Switzerland. Guess what: the wine has aged perfectly under really adverse conditions since the bottles were subject to seasonal temperature changes of …

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A little update

As I concentrate on programming and hardware work you are not getting too much news here from the project. You can always visit and see yourself. What has happened: Completely moved all hardware from my attic to the real cockpit shell Wired 3 headsets and got them working with online flying on VATSIM MIP almost …

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