“The Blue Marble is a famous photograph of the Earth taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft at a distance of about 29,000 kilometers. The Blue Marble also has been applied by NASA to a series of satellite-derived datasets covering the entire globe at relatively high resolution.”  (Citation modified after Wikipedia)

Blue Marble Research is the inventor of NASA’s famous Blue Marble datasets.

Blue Marble Research cares about people, their motivation and their love for life.

Blue Marble Research supports a sustainable planet through environmentally concious acting.

Pitot probes and AOA Vanes mounted … Cockpit Minibar to be designed!

Thanks to Nick from the Airline Pilot’s Historical Society the Lufthansa B737-300 shell was outfitted with 4 Pitot Probes and 2 Angle of Attack vanes! Looks professional although these probes will never be used again. Now to something more serious: I’ve found the perfect location for the Cockpit Minibar: just right to the jump seat …

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Forward Overhead Panel finished

This required quite some wiring and night shifts … and the rather important backlighting required some thinking and handcrafting as well. Result: almost ready to perform a regular startup procedure according to the checklist.

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On the Importance of proper Home Office Furniture & Clothing

Thanks to my colleague Jim Doyle from Desert Air Spares in California, two really neat Boeing 737 Ipeco J-Rail cockpit seats in working condition including headrests have arrived today. They are going to be refurbished and placed in the cockpit shell. But before that they play an important role to better suit body and soul …

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Circuit Breakers and Overhead Panel

Circuit Breakers are mounted, an original Boeing fire extinguisher was delivered by Nick from Airline Pilot’s Historical Society and the forward overhead panel with components from OpenCockpits is in the works …

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