A little update

As I concentrate on programming and hardware work you are not getting too much news here from the project. You can always visit and see yourself.

What has happened:

  • Completely moved all hardware from my attic to the real cockpit shell
  • Wired 3 headsets and got them working with online flying on VATSIM
  • MIP almost complete (missing second FMC and Lower Display Unit
  • All Glass Displays working through XPOpenGC and Rasperry PI’s
  • Temporarily installed two small displays for visuals (I would say the Sim is currently well fitted for IFR)
  • Heating and Cooling working but not yet connected to the Sim
  • Done a few test flights and continuing to improve systems for 100% reality.

What will follow next:

  • Development of three projector set up
  • Development of a wooden house around the cockpit to hold the curved screen and the projectors
  • Re-Engineering of Center Pedestal (rip off OpenCockpits and install SISMO hardware)
  • Acquiring a few reserve Rasperry PI 4B and 3B computers (they are not available right now)
  • Starting to build the Aft Overhead Panel
  • Re-Engineering of the Fwd Overhead Panel (rip off OpenCockpits and install SISMo hardware)
  • Complete installation of Audio / Intercom system controlled by Center Pedestal ACP and Aft Overhead ACP
  • Testing and introducing Teensy hardware in order to later replace SISMO hardware

A few current images follow here … feel free to ask about any specific technical details.