How to move Heavy Stuff without Wheels

I wanted to rotate the cockpit shell horizontally by 90 degrees (you may have read the article where we already had rotated it by 90 degrees vertically). The thing weighs around 600 kg and wheels are not an option when rotating in a circle.

The idea was: build skis of wooden plates and use frying butter to lubricate and get around static friction of the wood plates. I had no idea if it would work. This was simply a cheap try. The expensive solution would have been to rent a crane (been there done that, see here).

Fortunately it worked out thanks to the help of my neighbors (no names here in this public blog, but many many thanks again for their force and help!). Using frying butter it rotated with medium force needed … like on butter!

Take 1 (Turning)

Take 2 (Moving)

And … in order to build a house around the cockpit to fit the projectors and screens in a waterproof environment, the whole cockpit was moved away from the platform today … many thanks to the whole family for helping!