Fitting the MIP to the real Cockpit

I have bought the high quality MIP with glareshield from SISMO Soluciones and wanted to put it on top of the original B737-300 MIP stand and then mount both things into the real B737-300 cockpit shell. Nice idea.

Of course the MIP stand totally changed from the -300 to the -800 (the FMC&lowerCDU bay is much wider now). And the really neatly build MIP from SISMO Solutiones would never fit into the really tight space of a real cockpit.

Also, and challenging everyone who argues that Boeing never changes a running system, the gear lever mechanics shifted by around 4 cm to the left in NG models.

By help of the circular disc saw and many hours of work later I can say that all those things are finally compatible and fit together. I also make sure that I can remove the MIP independently from the stand and independently from the glareshield/mcp in order to service parts once it is mounted.

See the photo story below …

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    • Kurt on 5 January 2022 at 18:22

    Amazing work! I have just bought a 737-400 shell and but i wish to turn into a classic from NG

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