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After having almost completely mounted the Sim in a newly built wooden house including a curved 210 degree screen and three projectors, a small metal part of the mechanical rudder pedals broke. Since the B737 sim is mounted in a real cockpit enclosure, there is no way to access the rudder pedal from the front. This meant unmounting the pedestal, throttle quadrant, seats and the main instrument panel MIP first …

The good thing about such an exercise: each time I have to take apart the Cockpit things can be improved and the rebuilding process becomes easier. The broken part was found, but the supplier of this otherwise great dual linked rudder pedal assembly, SimuJabs from Spain, unfortunately went out of business.

I was very glad to find a nearby wood and metal workshop in 3008 Bern called LU DE WIG, who created a reinforced replica of the broken part in s short time (piece is now painted in black instead of green):

Rebuilding the cockpit (start in front and work your way backwards was a breeze (only around five hours in total):