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Jul 16 2018

Virtual SkyWork Airlines Flight to Elba

Our Family could enjoy three marvellous vacations on Elba during the last years. Thanks to SkyWork Airlines the island is only an hour away from Bern. Since flights to the Marina di Campo airport on Elba are currently troubled by unmet regulatory requirements in Italy we decided to help out SkyWork Airlines with a virtual …

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May 20 2018

Real Coffee …

… for a real life! Specs: ECM Mechanika IV Macap M2 Moka Efti Extra Bar

Apr 20 2018

Food Blogging …

… is not my business. But anyway …

Dec 09 2017


Our cozy and beautiful home after the first snowfall of 2017 in the swiss lowland.

Dec 31 1997

Native Chaos

Native Chaos was a computer and video feedback art project between Higgins, Muff and me carried out during the winter months of 1997/1998. The project primarily resulted in a few empty red wine bottles and night long experimental video material, of which a few still images are shown here in reduced resolution. Enjoy!